My Little Handyman

The car magazine article is accentuated with sighs. My sighs. Long drawn out sighs. Sighs that say to the cosmos- “Why did I buy a house? I was happier in my old apartment. At least there I could enjoy my Sundays without having to work on anything. I can’t even enjoy one simple magazine article?Continue reading “My Little Handyman”

Upcoming Book Reading at The Hoot in Willimantic!

Please bring your child and join us for a book reading of A Horse Named Thunder on Wednesday, July 18th from 10-11 am at The Hoot in Willimantic, CT across from the East Brook Mall. The event will feature a reading of the story, some activities for the kids and a “Meet the Author” opportunity. A free make-your-own children’s book for any childContinue reading “Upcoming Book Reading at The Hoot in Willimantic!”