About Spowerks Storyboard

Spowerks Storyboards are designed with the child in mind. Kids love to draw and they love good stories. We’ve written the story — now they are tasked with creating the illustrations!

They will need your help. Our books and website include plenty of resources for you to use, but more importantly, just be with your kids while they are working. Read to them. Listen to them. Encourage them. Give them feedback.

This is an opportunity to let them interact with text, have fun and be creative! We hope you’ll agree!

“As a former teacher I can tell you how meaningful projects like these can be for children. It’s an opportunity for kids to interact with text, have fun and be creative.” – C.S. Moon, Author

Mike Sposito has worked in education for over a decade. His love for teaching and learning is brought to life in the books he creates for Spowerks. Inspired by his son Michael, his stories combine his two favorite things: reading with his children and watching their imaginations run free!

Spowerks provides fun, heartfelt stories that inspire your child’s imagination. The words are written but your reader is tasked with creating the illustrations. Texts such as these are fundamental to reading comprehension. They challenge the reader to take clues from the text to determine setting, character traits and plot; all essential to creating quality illustrations.

The mission of Spowerks Storyboard is to explore imagination and creativity through storytelling and art. We do this through:

  • character-driven storybooks that engage readers as illustrators
  • workshops for students
  • educational blog posts and videos
  • social media prompts for parents

For more information, please check out our Resource section, follow our Blog, Like our Facebook page or contact us today.