Jesus Christ on the Planet Zorax Ch. 1

Imagine a planet of green deserts and silvery oceans. It’s a place where cities thrust into the skyline with crystalline towers. Its populace are purple skinned humanoids sprouting pointed tails. They work in harmony to better their society, strive for technological advances, and attain spiritual equilibrium. Wealth is shared, food and water is in abundance and unity is its mission statement.

It’s lead by a dictator, yet one who is fair-minded, wise and kind.

This is the planet Zorax. I know something of this planet, as it was birthed from my own imagination. I have spent hours zooming across its landscape with wonder and awe. Still, questions persist.

Would a global community this perfect and this dedicated to its own success be without evil? Would God touch this place? Would Satan? Would there be another Jesus Christ? Would God’s omnipotence reach across our universe and provide the gift of a different son or daughter to offer life after death? What would heaven look like to those living in a perfect world?

I can assure you, evil seeps into its atmosphere. Monsters attack its deserts and lay waste to its cities. They come from beneath its emerald dunes, or rain down from the deeper recesses of space. Jealousy and inflated self worth has deformed some of its own citizens, those with its greatest minds, into evil scientists bent on world domination.

It seems even the most pristine cultures cannot escape the hot blooded yearning for the destruction of beauty.

Ah, but with the current of evil comes heroes who stand and fight.

One such hero is Zagg. He is the greatest pilot of the renowned Planetary Defenders. He, his trusted ship Rosie, and his sidearm named ‘Mother’, protect Zorax against any that would cause it harm. He is a gnarled warrior. He speaks with action, and his story is depicted in the endless scars upon is skin.

But who does Zagg pray to in his times of darkness? Or, is he, in fact, the Savior of this world’s soul?

Here is where the story begins.

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