Decide. Act. Reflect.

Is this the secret to life?

My mind reels with ideas. My imagination swirls and explodes in short bursts of energetic power. Inventions, careers, books, stories, epiphanies reveal themselves to me, yet nothing comes to fruition. Everything seems unlikely or impossible, so my desires and dreams remain locked in my mind.

Time slips by, and nothing changes. 

Still, a nagging thought follows me into sleep. What if I acted on the imperfect plan?

What happens if I make a decision, put it into action, and reflect on how it went? I imagine that reflection would lead me to another decision. That decision would lead me into more action and so forth.  

Isn’t that the better cycle?

I think I’ll try it. Maybe you should too.

-Mike Sposito

Owner Spowerks LLC

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