Spowerks Launches New Book: Zagg & the Planetary Defenders!

New Book Encourages Imagination, Storytelling and Art

In the interest of helping kids explore imagination through storytelling and art, local author and educator Mike Sposito presents Zagg & the Planetary Defenders, the second in a series of Spowerks Storyboard books. Prose and poetry combine in this new book designed for kids ages 9-12, who are charged with the task of creating the illustrations themselves.

Zagg & the Planetary Defenders tells the exciting story of a pilot who lives on the planet Zorax, and his quest to stop the evil Dr. Zenith and his powerful robot dinosaur. The book, written under the pen name C.S. Moon, includes instructions for both kids and parents, and suggestions for illustrations on set-aside blank drawing pages, as well as resources to further explore drawing skills and art.

Sposito has worked in education for over a decade. His love for writing, teaching and learning inspired him to start Spowerks Storyboard in 2016. Its first publication, A Horse Named Thunder, was featured at a special Connecticut Farmland Trust event in October 2017 and has been a big hit with kids at local libraries and bookshops ever since.

“My sons love the books,” says Sposito, who is inspired daily by the adventures of his two children. His blog regularly features their adventures and lessons learned, including recent articles about September 11th, comic books, fishing, and nature exploration.

“As a parent and a former teacher, I can tell you how meaningful stories like Zagg and Thunder can be for children,” he explains. “They stay in your imagination long after you’re done reading and inspire you to think creatively about the world around you.”

Spowerks books are active learning tools designed to promote inspiration, creativity, literacy, and reading comprehension. They challenge the young reader to take clues from the text to determine setting, character traits and plot; all essential to creating quality illustrations. It’s an opportunity for kids to interact with text, have fun and be creative at home, in a classroom setting, or in extracurricular groups.

To schedule an activity-based author event or reading please email spowerks@gmail.com.

Both Zagg & the Planetary Defenders and A Horse Named Thunder may be purchased online from the Spowerks Storyboard website, click here, and from local and online retailers.

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